Laura C Collada Ali

Track record of delivering multi-lingual medical writing and translation services for leading pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, clinical research organisations, and private clinicians on an international scale.

Key strengths include: authoring regulatory documents including clinical trial protocols & clinical investigations plans and related documentation, clinical evaluation reports, post-market surveillance reports, manuscripts and documentation for lay audiences (patient information leaflets, summaries of safety and clinical performance) through maintaining up-to-date knowledge on industry regulations; creating scientific content to support the development of new medical products; enhancing medical communications through creating engaging content for pharmaceutical, medical device and private medical clients; analysing complex subject areas across multiple medical fields to create content to serve needs of diverse audiences.

What I Do

Regulatory Writing

Regulatory documents, which are submitted to the health authorities and adhere to the relevant guidance, need to be fit for purpose, accurate, and transparent.


Pre-market regulatory documentation: from clinical research to market authorization approvals.

Medical Communications

Communication of medical and scientific data and information to different audiences in a variety of formats: from scientific manuscripts to marketing brochures.


Post-authorization regulatory documents and medical communications to keep the information flowing.


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