A series of interviews with medical translators and writers published on Medical Writing Journal

  • Laura C Collada Ali Translation, writing & Coordination

Back in 2013, while being a member of EMWA (European Medical Writers Association) Executive Committee, I started writing a new section on the association’s journal, Medical Writing. The section was […]

There’s a land of blogs out there, so, why another one?

A blog is an easy way of sharing useful and interesting information with my readers. It is a direct, amusing and inspiring communication channel. I hope you also find this blog […]

Why ‘•Teks•sema•’?

Why ‘•Teks•sema•’?

The name Teksema is made of two Indo-European root words: [teks] and [sema]. They bring to mind mental images of the ancient craft of weavers [teks], however, not a weaver […]

‘Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.’ G Steiner

G. Steiner

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